Welcome to my homepage! (****This page is currently being updated, patience please.) This page is for all of you to be kept in the loop of what I am currently working on.

   I will constantly post updates of my...

The Story-

          Ever since I was little I was interested in photography and drawing. I can remember lining up my stuffed bunnies
     and took professional photos of them. Little did I know there was no film the in camera. But when I was old enough to realize that all the photos
     I painstakingly arranged would not come out it did not stop my passion. I still to this day love taking photos, not to capture a moment anyone
     can capture a moment. But to capture the emotions in a moment. Besides photography I also love fashion and am an environment freak. It's
     okay, you can call me one because instead of hiding it I chose to not only accept it but embrace it. My project currently is creating bracelets
     out of candy wrappers and magazines. Before you leave, please check out my blog for more details on all of my media and countless
     projects. Thanks for stopping by!

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So that's all to come! This is page is currently being updated and worked on.

If you are interested in buying my media, bracelets, or working with me. You can email me at SimplySarah13@yahoo.com.

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